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American Frameless specializes in frameless shower doors, glass stairs, glass handrails, glass stairways, frameless glass walls, panels, doors, enclosures and more.

There's nothing quite like translucent, elegant crystalline glass for carving out dramatic architectural spaces in your home to create a stylish contemporary look.

At American Frameless we have been using structural glass for the last 20 years to create design solutions for every interior space. Together with our clients, we create architectural glass interiors... from free floating glass rooms, frameless shower doors and bath enclosures, wine rooms, conference rooms, doors, kitchen splash-backs and countertops, tabletops, deck enclosures - to walls, partitions, stair railings, swimming pool fencing, bars, ceilings and more.

Whether your design calls for understated elegance, rustic charm, cutting-edge contemporary or somewhere in between... we can work together with you to add value, beauty and comfort to your architectural space.

Our beautiful, transparent, frameless, light-enhancing, structural glass can be custom cut and moulded to fit any shape or form. It is the perfect medium to isolate a windowless space but still keep it flooded with natural light. We can work around any angle you choose and even create curved stair rails, stair treads, walls and panels for a softer, smoother look. We have also developed a unique and creative method for installing glass pool and other enclosures that ensures that all the hardware is invisible.

At every stage of production we guarantee our skilled craftsmanship and quality control. Our on-site project management and expert installation crews assure a picture perfect installation every time. All our projects are backed with a manufacturer's warranty.

Our structural glass comes in 3/8, ½ and ¾ thicknesses, depending on its use. We offer various finishes, from transparent for maximum luminosity to fluted, sand blasted, antiqued, etched or many other finishes for maximum privacy.

Our hardware styles range from classic to ultra-contemporary. Our handles, knobs, push-pull devices, towel bars, robe hooks and more come in premium finishes of brass, oil-rubbed bronze, stainless, pewter, nickel, 24 karat gold, platinum, titanium and other precious metals. In addition, our DynaGuard™ process, designed to increase hardness and tarnish resistance against corrosion, can be applied on all brass-colored and nickel hardware finishes.

Our gallery of photos displayed here speak for themselves. We invite you to browse through these images and then sit back and imagine how structural glass could enhance your home or business.

All of us at American Frameless look forward to making your ideas in glass a reality.

If you have any questions please contact us at 1-800-606-1776 to speak to an American Frameless customer service representative.

Frameless Shower Doors
Frameless Shower Doors and Enclosures

American Frameless specializes in frameless shower doors and glass bath enclosures and more.

Frameless Glass Stair Handrails

American Frameless Glass Enclosures specializes in Residential Glass Stairs, Glass Handrails, Glass Stairways, Frameless Glass Stairs, Frameless Glass Handrails, Glass Walls, and more.

Frameless Glass Doors

American Frameless uses the finest structural glass in dramatic applications for glass pool fencing, glass deck enclosures, and glass stair railings.

Frameless Glass Pool & Deck Fencing

American Frameless uses the finest structural glass in dramatic applications for glass pool fencing, glass deck enclosures, and glass stair railings.

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